Start Your Professional Lash Strip Business No certification Needed

Don't want to be a certified lash technician, or cant afford the training at this time, here  is a option for you.  Learn the skill of lash extensions using the same professional lashes we lash clients with, but applying them on lash strips to sell, build a customer base for yourself and your in business, everyone wares lash strips and if you can give them the beautiful volume, and mega lashes and a strip they can apply daily and they can pay you half the cost,!!!!and requires no 2 hour appointment everyone will love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! trust me

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Your Next!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Students come here and learn and go out and have financial freedom!

Learn from the states programs and learn correctly the first time!!

Certifications are only legal if you got if one of the states providers!

Very fast lashing student !!! Working on her classic set

Are students become amazing lashers!! That you can trust, they know what thier doing!!