Trainng for professionals who need to learn technique but are already state certified or Estheticians, Cosmetologist who have previous educational training but did not receive the lash training

Training is for people who are already Indiana department of health Certified but need more hands on training, and cosmetologist and esthetician who had no or little  lash training  not enough to be compliment with the states training and rules and techniques.

Volume  Only Training Only 1,500 2 Days Of Training


Classic  Only Training Only 1,000 2 Days Of Training


Want to learn more than 1 technique   take our 45 hour Indiana Department Of Health Lash Course it includes everything and more to have you compliant with state laws.


2 Days 10 Hours 5 hour days


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Students come here and learn and go out and have financial freedom!

Learn from the states programs and learn correctly the first time!!

Certifications are only legal if you got if one of the states providers!

Very fast lashing student !!! Working on her classic set

Are students become amazing lashers!! That you can trust, they know what thier doing!!